The wind turbines used in the Carinerland wind farm (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) had already been in service for 25 years before being transformed into pieces of furniture. They generated around 12.5 MW of clean electricity per day and supplied around 1,000 households - and saved around 36,500 metric tons of CO² along the way.A rotor blade cannot be cut with conventional saws, as these literally get stuck in the epoxy resin-coated material. A complex sawing process with wire requires up to approx. 4 minutes per cut. In order to be able to produce these filigree shapes of our wings, the pinwheels are "filleted" in this step.

From the idea to the wing - our partner Anmet

No two of our Wings are alike. Due to the different shapes of each rotor blade, each wing gets its own individual shape and makes this a special unique piece.

The seat as well as the backrest are made of high quality lacquered larch wood handcrafted to each individual piece. Visually, the larch wood can be chosen in flamed darker variant, or in natural light variant.

Our wings can be individually painted according to RAL color or foiled with an individual foil design. There are no limits to creativity in design. Each wing is weatherproof and waterproof and therefore the perfect furniture for your outdoor area.