Our service for wind farm operators

We are network partners in the repowering of wind turbines and offer you the service of individual calculation of dismantling costs for wind turbines and wind farms. To this end, we work together with our Polish joint venture partners "ANMET" and "GP Reblade". Both have many years of experience in repowering and the associated costs.

We provide you with detailed planning and a calculation basis for any security deposits and guarantees.

The result of our work is a compact overview in tabular form and an audit report, which enables you to adjust the cost calculation annually to changing framework conditions, increased costs, e.g. due to inflation or changes in official requirements.

The most important sections that make up our calculation of the dismantling cost reserve:

  • Dismantling of wind turbines (preparation, lifting and dismantling work)
  • Preparation of turbine components for further processing
  • Dismantling the foundations of the wind turbines
  • Removal of roads, maneuvering areas and infrastructure
  • Disposal of wind turbines
  • Other costs (demolition project, fees, geologist, surveyor, etc.)

The audit report contains the following information:

  • It is an integral part of the calculation package for the repowering reserve
  • Explanation of the values and methodology used to calculate the individual items
  • Contains tips on preparing and carrying out the dismantling process

Our experience shows that the existence of a repowering provision can have a positive impact on your company's creditworthiness and the decision of investors. It also demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

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